Top Luxury Restaurants in Auckland

Auckland may not take the top position that Wellington boasts of when it comes to culinary appeal. Still, it sure has some good luxury restaurants that you can get into if you want an exclusive experience. They have both local and international chefs based in different parts of Auckland. Some of the places you can book in Auckland when you have a special event are.

Sidart Hotel

The Sidart Hotel is known for the Kiwi dining cuisine. The menu is curated to care for different palates. They use both fresh ingredients blended with unique picks from the chef. You can get a nine-course or five-course meal depending on your preference. They also have sessions where diners are allowed to sample interesting foods that have been created for special events.

Depot Eatery and Oyster

If you are looking for something casual, you should go to the Depot Eatery. They have won awards for their services and food. One of their popular dishes is the pork found in Akaroa, beef found in Otellos, wild rabbit and cherry relish. Perhaps their most exciting feature is the raw oysters and shellfish section where your food is prepared on order. They have a charcoal and wood oven. As you wait for your food, you can play online casino games such as Mummys gold New Zealand and other forms of entertainment.

Food Truck

The Food Truck Garage in Auckland is a preferred place for people who are looking for a luxurious eatery that serves healthy food. They have an open kitchen plan, and they put a traditional twist to most of their meals. They have an interesting mix of comfort food and healthy additions.


Ever since they opened their doors in 2006, the Clooney Restaurant has been winning awards for cooking the best Kiwi cuisine. They have a grand dining hall with a beautiful ambience. It has a good space for an event like an online casino office event.